Do we have to pay for the Pattern fee separately?
Pattern cost is included in product unit price.
What do I need to prepare to make a pattern?
Original samples or Pictures. (We can produce your product with the pictures but detail guidelines will be necessary.)
Do we have to give the grading size to you?
That's not necessary. Because we have some basic grading size for men's clothing, women's clothing, children's clothing. But if you have special size, let us know.
Do we have to pay for the sample cost separately?
But if you canceled after the sample work without any reason, you have to pay for pattern fee and sample cost
Cancellation cost?
It's depend on level of difficulty of pattern and sample. But usually about 100,000 won
Do you make only pattern or sample?
No, we do not. Because Patterns and Samples are just part of process of main production.
Can we trust your pattern quality?
We've run a pattern room for over 40 years.
Can we offer pattern to you?
Yes. Timeline can be shortened